Barbara Owerczuk

Barbara Owerczuk

Barbara Owerczuk

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Barbara is a lecturer in Higher Education in the United Kingdom. She has been teaching: Business, Corporate Finance, Enterprise, Corporate Social Responsibility on the university level. At present, she is working towards her PhD in World Economy and International Management.

Barbara has been teaching Financial English and Accounting English Business English to adults since 2000.

She won a contest of the World Bank to run specialized Financial English courses for the staff of the Ministry of Finance in Poland. She was teaching Accounting English in Polish Association of Chartered Accountants. Over the years she has been delivering Financial English courses to companies in different sectors for big multinational corporations as well as SMEs.

What makes her Financial English courses unique is the fact that she combines required EFL teaching qualifications with many-year professional experience in business after having worked as an expert and manager in international companies, financial sector and M&A consultancy.

She has also completed courses on financial analysis, strategic management, company valuation, accounting, corporate finance and taxation. Barbara is helping people in international negotiations, strategic management and business plans.